A Whole Lot of Innovation at the 2016 tekom Spring Conference

A Whole Lot of Innovation at the 2016 tekom Spring Conference

For months, we here at DOCUFY have been hidden from sight, thinking, conceptualizing, and making the most secret of plans. At the beginning of April, just in time for the tekom Spring Conference in Berlin, the time had come – we were finally able to present ourselves and our new corporate design together with our new future-oriented corporate strategy.

Since then, everything at DOCUFY has been bathed in the light of Multi-Level documentation. We were able to experience the market success of our new position during a baptism of fire in Berlin, because there was a lot going on at our booth. Visitors on site – regardless of whether they were customers or just interested – were very eager to have us explain our positioning and the ensuing opportunities. To summarize the feedback we received: Our new Multi-Level documentation strategy provides solutions to many of the problems currently facing our industry. Larger companies in particular long for solutions that make the best out of the content that they have painstakingly created, make it easily available in all business areas, and, above all, harness its full potential – particularly in times of increasing variety and digitalization.

Our product portfolio lets us do just that. From the creation of risk assessments in DOCUFY Machine Safety to content management in COSIMA and making content available with the mobile publication platform Topic Pilot, we provide an interconnected chain of products that is effortlessly able to meet the challenges presented by Industry 4.0. And this brings us closer to our self-declared goal: to take content produced using technical documentation to a new level – in short: Multi-Level documentation.


Katharina Gocht

Katharina Gocht studied economics in Würzburg. She was Team Leader Marketing and Communication at DOCUFY till 2019.

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