Working at DOCUFY

Working at DOCUFY

Are you about to finish your studies and wondering what to do next? Like many other students before me, that question gave me some sleepless nights. When you study to become a teacher, the next step is usually clear. But I wanted to explore other careers, apart from teaching. What about marketing, HR, or maybe a job in sales?

DOCUFY – here I come!

The idea to use the wait between my written exams and teacher training for an internship in one of those areas seemed obvious. A student of elementary education is hardly qualified for that kind of work, but who dares wins! I set out enthusiastically to look for the right company. My research eventually led me to the DOCUFY home page – jackpot! The way the software company presented itself was so appealing that even the 50 km commute couldn’t put me off. I applied immediately.

Starting work as an intern

And I got the job. In October 2016 I started my career as an intern in marketing. Boring? Far from it! I was part of the team from day one, and my diverse duties gave me insights into different areas. My working hours were completely flexible. And when I had limited time because of exams, my colleagues were always very understanding – it was never a problem to work on different days as needed.

From an adventure in Multi-Level documentation to the adventure of a teacher training

But it wasn’t just the varied work that I enjoyed at DOCUFY. The atmosphere and team spirit could hardly have been better. It’s not unusual for staff there to have lunch together or meet up after work for various activities, and that’s why I am leaving with a heavy heart. Although I’m looking forward to my teacher training, the thought of leaving brings a tear to my eye. I am more than grateful that I was able to help DOCUFY on its path to Multi-Level Documentation. It was a very exciting time, and I learned a lot. I’m sure we’ll see each other soon!



Jule has almost finished her studies as an elementary school teacher. From October 2016 to March 2017, she was a marketing student at DOCUFY.

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