Holger Matthes

Holger studied information and content management at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and has worked for DOCUFY since 2006.

“You aren’t getting in here”: The image check feature in DOCUFY COSIMA

We have adopted a “doorman policy” in DOCUFY COSIMA as part of a customer project with specific requirements for checking images. Our customer only wants graphics and images that meet certain quality criteria to be allowed in the content management system. To this end, DOCUFY COSIMA automatically checks the image’s colour space, resolution and pixel size during import. Files can only be imported and used if they pass this image check, ensuring high quality requirements for print and online use are met from the outset and maintained throughout the entire process chain.

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5 questions about COSIMA

Interviewee: Holger Matthes, Product Manager COSIMA

What is COSIMA and what can it do?
COSIMA is the proven content management system for technical documentation from DOCUFY. Around the world, content managers and writers – from one-person operations to major corporations – work with COSIMA. COSIMA is available in the versions COSIMA go! and COSIMA enterprise.

For whom is the COSIMA go! industry solution appropriate, and whom does COSIMA enterprise offer crucial added value?
COSIMA go! is our ready-to-use, ready-to-go content management system. That means it can be used right away and provides a predefined configuration for applications in mechanical and plant engineering, or in other fields such as software documentation, to name a few examples 47rji3e. Thanks to its high degree of configurability and the scripting interface, our users can optimally adapt their COSIMA go! to meet their daily needs.

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