Meister Strömungstechnik GmbH has been working with COSIMA go! since 2009. Based on the positive experience, it was soon became clear that the use of the CCMS would be expanded in the company. To this end, additional employees from different areas of the company are involved, who support the technical editing department.

For this reason we have booked the training COSIMA go! Getting started. The participants came from our own company and from a sister company. Some colleagues have already attended a COSIMA training before. The majority of the participants had no previous knowledge.

For me personally, COSIMA go! was completely new territory at the beginning of my career at Meister Strömungstechnik GmbH. I was enthusiastic about the easy training and the intuitive user interface. That’s why I as the editor in charge was quickly convinced of COSIMA go! and I don’t want to miss the program in my daily work!

The claim “Just five days on average is all you need to start using COSIMA go! productively.” is perfectly true!

Christian Welter, Technical Editor, Product Management, Meister Strömungstechnik GmbH

Our trainer Mr. Delph taught us all the basics of the CCMS, such as organizing the database, versioning, referencing, creating language variants, etc. The atmosphere was generally relaxed and the individual learning units were easy to understand. Questions that went beyond the actual topic of the training could also be clarified quickly and comprehensively.

Furthermore, an insight into more extensive functions of COSIMA go! has been granted, such as the authoring memory or the publication configurator. We are planning further optimizations of the system, where Mr. Delph and his team will support us!