New in COSIMA: IGEL – the integrated callout editor


Explaining complex issues in a simple way - often a very difficult task. Images can help illustrate what you want to say. Because you know: A picture says more than a thousand words! Especially in technical documentation graphics are used to put things in a nutshell. The reference of the graphics to the descriptive text is important. These references are created using item lines and/or item numbers, the so-called callouts. With COSIMA Release 7.0 you now have an integrated callout…

5. June 2024

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5 questions about DOCUFY Machine Safety


Interview partner: Hannes Ehrlich, former Product Manager DOCUFY Machine Safety What is DOCUFY Machine Safety and what can it do? DOCUFY Machine Safety is our specialist software for the compliant generation of risk assessments. It enables users to utilize all documented content right away by means of a sophisticated modularization concept. What are the advantages of DOCUFY Machine Safety for me and how does DOCUFY Machine Safety alter my everyday work? Because all content only has to be generated one…

5. June 2024

Content Delivery meets AI – Better answers to your search queries


Imagine that while driving a car, a red light comes on in the dashboard and a shrill warning tone sounds. Imagine further that you are not an automotive mechatronics technician and therefore do not know for sure what to do. That means: stop, look for the manual, scan the table of contents, flip back and forth, get mad. Or: you simply ask your car for the solution.

3. August 2023

Seamlessly Integrate Experts into the Editorial Process with COSIMA 9.5


Putting an end to data silos and media discontinuities in the editorial system: COSIMA Release 9.5 convinces users with the new web clients COSIMA Review Client and COSIMA Contribution Client, among others.

3. November 2022

“You aren’t getting in here”: The image check feature in DOCUFY COSIMA


We have adopted a “doorman policy” in DOCUFY COSIMA as part of a customer project with specific requirements for checking images. Our customer only wants graphics and images that meet certain quality criteria to be allowed in the content management system. To this end, DOCUFY COSIMA automatically checks the image’s colour space, resolution and pixel size during import. Files can only be imported and used if they pass this image check, ensuring high quality requirements for…

27. April 2022

News from DOCUFY Layouter


DOCUFY Layouter allows you to easily design output layouts yourself, save them, and customize them as desired. The new release now offers even more layout options.

15. February 2021

TopicPilot 4.0 – More usability, better design, faster search function


With the software release 4.0 DOCUFY extends the functional range of the mobile publication platform TopicPilot. New functions are now available in the web interface and mobile applications.  Numerous improvements and requirements have been implemented.

1. July 2020

COSIMA 8.0 – New features, better usability


Do you want “clean”, error-free content in your editorial system? With the new Schematron feature, XML content can now be validated even more precisely in COSIMA 8.0, and the gradation “Info / Warning / Error” helps to correctly categorize your check results. Included rules check in COSIMA go! for layout errors and: you can even add your own rules. But that’s not everything – the new COSIMA 8.0 offers numerous new features and usability improvements.   IGEL – Translatable texts,…

15. April 2020

The Information Space – container or living room?


Stefan Kreckwitz, CEO of our partner Congree, describes in his guest blog article the tools that are best used to create an information space. Solutions such as COSIMA and TopicPilot from DOCUFY are revolutionizing technical documentation. They lay the foundation for an…

23. May 2019

How will intelligent information shape our future?


The ii-Blog (intelligent information blog of tekom) has called for a blog parade. Topic: How will intelligent information shape our future? - Melanie Kunas from DOCUFY outlines her future scenarios. Robots that take on care tasks. Computers that write football match reports, trade stocks or clarify legal doubts - what sounded like a fantasy a few years ago has long since become reality. What happens next with Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics?  And what could my typical everyday life…

21. February 2019