This is a question I often ask myself when testing. During my mandatory internship I was able to get a good impression of the company and of course I did not hesitate to accept the offer of the working student position.

I have now been working for over four months as a student trainee in standard development at DOCUFY. Before that, I had already been working as an intern for six months and during this time I had the opportunity to get to know different areas of activity and teams. When I was asked if I could imagine staying as a working student, I didn’t think twice and accepted.

Why this decision was so easy for me is obvious to me:

I have the best colleagues in the world. From day one, I was fully integrated and warmly welcomed. The relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to make friends. Everyone here is open-minded and very helpful. The fun at work should not be missing, so it happens that I sometimes have a Nerfgun duel with employees from sales and controlling. There is no mercy for the passing personnel manager!

As a rule, the colleagues arrange daily lunch breaks together. I can only recommend these. Sometimes everyone gets something from the snack bar next door and we eat together in the kitchen, and the next time the whole team marches to the Indian restaurant around the corner. During the meal all the really important things are exchanged. This is definitely what I missed most during the exam phase!

What does working at DOCUFY mean to me?

My current work is particularly varied due to my previous internship. Almost every week I am faced with a new challenge. Of course, I always receive the necessary instruction and support from experienced colleagues, whom I can always come back to. What means a lot to me is the fact that my skills are specifically promoted and that I have the opportunity to put into practice the things I learned at university.

So what exactly do I do?

Depending on requirements, I can take on internal IT tasks or help the support team with the implementation of tickets. I spend most of my time in quality management at DOCUFY Layouter. There I support my colleague in testing new features or am allowed to take over parts of the test management myself. Even though I work in a self-organized way most of the time, she always supports me with advice and assistance. From time to time I also have the opportunity to support the management directly with the implementation of tasks. This is particularly interesting for me as a working student because it gives me a different insight into processes and procedures that are also important for my future career. Every week I look forward to my working days when I can put the lecture notes aside.
And to answer the question from the beginning: it’s a feature!

PS: DOCUFY is always looking for motivated students: You can find all vacancies here. More information about starting your career can be found under “Working at DOCUFY” on our website.