User Meeting + Machine Safety Expo

User Meeting + Machine Safety Expo

DOCUFY’s participation at this year’s Machine Safety User Meeting in Würzburg was once again one of the highlights of the year for us. On the one hand, it’s always a great feeling to be part of the industry and to see so many familiar faces, as well as new ones. On the other hand, we ourselves were able to intensely gather information in the competent talks about the newest developments and trends in the fields of the EC Machinery Directive and CE marking, also with view to Industry 4.0.

Our main interest as exhibitors was, of course, to introduce our special software for generating risk assessments – DOCUFY Machine Safety – to the participants at the User Meeting, for which we had ample opportunity. Many of the visitors at our booth, predominantly employees from the fields of construction and technical documentation, wanted to get their first insights into how they could receive support from a professional tool during the generation of their risk assessments. Some of them also took advantage of the coffee break to get a demonstration from Hannes Ehrlich, our Product Manager, of the easy-to-use interface or to talk about specific use cases.


Our new concept of Multi-Level documentation also met with wide approval. Those interested in our concept found the idea that our software solutions could be used to utilize pre-existing information units for a range of different purposes at the company especially interesting.

Content generated by technical writers can be utilized by other departments, such as sales, marketing and service, too. That’s a real advantage.

Kirstin Luderer, DOCUFY Machine Safety Sales

The technical writers in particular were delighted about the resulting upvaluation of their everyday work. This means that content generated by other departments, such as sales, marketing and service, can be utilized too. Together with sales documents, some of the other uses for this content included advertising brochures and maintenance instructions. Of course, this is good news for company management as well, as it is here that significant costs can be cut through multiple use.

All in all, it was a successful event. We established contacts, gained valuable new momentum from the market and are already looking forward to next year!

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Kirstin Luderer

Kirstin Luderer studied business administration in Bamberg. She has been working for DOCUFY as a sales representative since 2011.

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