A partnership is often referred to as the bloody seventh year. After seven years one knows the quirks and virtues of the other, and knows how to appreciate one’s partner. For seven years now I have been working as a freelance press officer for DOCUFY. And even in the seventh year we are still happy together. Perhaps the formula for success for our cooperation is that we both like dynamism and progress – and not boredom. When I started working for DOCUFY, there was only the COSIMA and DOCUFY Machine Safety editorial system. This alone could have been boring in the long run.

But boredom and DOCUFY don’t go together. Managing Director Uwe Reißenweber is a technology enthusiast visionary – and he always brings in what is so important in a long relationship: variety and one or two surprises. TopicPilot, which DOCUFY sent into the race following the trend of mobile communication, provided variety. This mobile publication platform was joined by the concept of the information space and multi-level documentation – and the software, previously limited to technical documentation, opened up to all areas of the company.

Today I no longer write only about software for technical documentation – no, it’s about such big issues as knowledge management and enterprise mobility.

Petra Erner, Press Officer, DOCUFY GmbH

And at the same time we opened the communication to other media, other subject areas: Today I no longer write only about software for technical documentation or software for risk assessment – no, it’s about such big and exciting topics as knowledge management in companies and enterprise mobility. And what is even more important in a relationship: my partner also looks after his appearance! A refreshingly modern combination in green has emerged from a blue double-breasted heron that is customary in the industry.

There was also a surprise last year: DOCUFY has a new owner , Heidelberg, which brings new approaches and possibilities in communication.

DOCUFY is growing and flourishing and this is reflected not only in the grown product portfolio but also in the customer base and the number of employees. The 100-employees mark has just been cracked. In communication we have managed to get DOCUFY out of the niche of technical documentation.  The topics are up to date, the software is up-to-date and we have a trustful cooperation. What more could you want after seven years? Anything but boredom.