XML, short for Extensible Markup Language, – celebrates its birthday and DOCUFY celebrates, too! That’s right, because we’ve both been around for 20 years now. Our declared goal then as now: To optimize editorial processes based on XML as a pioneer. Reason enough for us to travel to Prague from 8 to 10 February for the meeting of XML friends. There we not only met well-known people from the XML universe (Michael Kay from Saxonica, Tony Graham from Antenna House, Norman Walsh – inventor of the DocBook format and many more), but also had the opportunity to discuss interesting application examples from various fields as well as ideas and approaches around XML.

From theory to practice

This year, the main focus was on CSS for XML and CSS Paged Media. Twice as exciting for us, of course, because CSS is also used in our latest product, DOCUFY Layouter. CSS stands for Cascading Stylesheets and is a style sheet language for electronic documents. In DOCUFY Layouter we use CSS to create design instructions for output layouts.

Lecture hall at Prague University

We also had to smile about the demo-jam, which took place in the last minutes of the conference. Highlight here was the XForm based Minesweeper by Steven Pemberton.

The exchange with other XML friends also attracts us to Prague every year: The social dinner at the monastery brewery near Prague Castle has already become a tradition. In addition, the event offers us the opportunity to talk to our software partners (e. g. Antenna House, Oxygen, Saxonica), to express wishes and ask questions.

Cheers to a successful exchange with partners and XML friends

By the way, you can have a look at the entire XML Prague on YouTube


Anne and Philipp