175 participants, 10 intensive trainings and a theatrical journey through the 1000-year history of the city of Bamberg – all this has to be organized. The preparations for the 10th DOCUFY User Meeting from 04 to 06 June 2019 were already in full swing when I started as a working student at DOCUFY in April.

Boredom? No way! From the very first day, I was firmly integrated into the marketing team and was able to experience the entire range of tasks up close. Mailings, participant lists, room plans… the items on the agenda were long and sometimes it wasn’t so easy to keep a cool head. But although we all had sweat on our faces from time to time, the preparations were still a lot of fun and I was very excited about my first event at DOCUFY!

From week to week the tension has increased noticeably … and then it was suddenly there: Day 1 of the user meeting 2019. Just quickly distribute the last pens and blocks and off we go! The first participants already trundled in and gathered in the corresponding rooms for the intensive trainings. News from the software forge, interesting facts about text variables in COSIMA and IGEL – the COSIMA Callout Editor was the motto for the visitors this morning. And for us it was time to breathe a sigh of relief – everything is going as planned

And at the end straighten up everything beautifully: Working student Miri from the DOCUFY Academy


Shadow Theatre and Meet & Greet

At 16:30 it was time for departure: I led the visitors through the narrow streets of Bamberg to the Theater der Schatten (shadow theatre) at the Bamberger Hofhaltung on the Domplatz. Phew, it beeing 30 degrees Celius we all sweated a lot – at least I definitely did! Arrived in the cool Katharinenkapelle we could make ourselves comfortable on the lined up chairs and eagerly awaited the 90-minute journey through the 1000-year-old history of Bamberg.

Wow… an alternating bath of feelings – goose bumps and laughter alternated! The narrator fascinated us with the most shocking and pleasing events of the city by playing with light and shadow. From the foundation of the diocese of Babenberg (yes, Bamberg was still called that at that time) to the royal murder of Philip von Schwaben to the uprising against the church: I have rarely experienced such an entertaining and exciting theatre. And so that the visitors from afar could get to know Bamberg from its best side, there was a beer tasting of the traditional Schlenkerla smoked beer.

Our customers try the Schlenkerla smoked beer: Mhhh, that tastes good…

In the beergarden Spezial-Keller, visitors and employees could let the day end comfortably – with a great view over the city and hearty Franconian delicacies! And at the same time strengthen themselves for the user conference on day two. 

Bamberg herb basket

Fresh and lively (well, at least almost ) all visitors and speakers came to the user conference on 05 June. True to the motto “Multi-level documentation in full bloom”, an original Bamberger herb basket was available for everyone. Whether lemon balm, basil or mint, the scent of the baskets lured all participants to their place and the hall had turned into a green oasis of well-being within a few minutes

True to the motto our customers reaped an original Bamberger herb basket

Amidst the beautiful plants I could listen to the exciting lectures of Holger Rath and Michael Elflein. As product managers of COSIMA and DOCUFY Layouter as well as TopicPilot they showed in overviews and live demos the innovations of the upcoming releases – I learned a lot!
Another highlight for me were the four best practice presentations of the customers in the afternoon. They showed how knowledge from technical documentation can be used across all areas: for example, for preparing quotations in sales, preparing eLearning content, mobile availability of knowledge on the construction site or for assembly purposes.

And already past again…

Welcome to the information room, 3,2,1… mobile – The short way to your own TopicPilot and using COSIMA go! and DOCUFY Machine Safety cleverly together: these intensive training sessions were on the agenda the day after the conference and rounded off the user meeting in 2019. For me, the day passed just as quickly as the user meeting had come. And even if there was sometimes a lot of juggling to do at the same time – I was able to take a lot with me, I met nice people and I hope that I can be there again next year By the way, the date is already set: 18 – 20 May 2020.