How will intelligent information shape our future?


The ii-Blog (intelligent information blog of tekom) has called for a blog parade. Topic: How will intelligent information shape our future? - Melanie Kunas from DOCUFY outlines her future scenarios. Robots that take on care tasks. Computers that write football match reports, trade stocks or clarify legal doubts - what sounded like a fantasy a few years ago has long since become reality. What happens next with Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics?  And what could my typical everyday life…

21. February 2019

7 years – and not a bit of boredom


A partnership is often referred to as the bloody seventh year. After seven years one knows the quirks and virtues of the other, and knows how to appreciate one’s partner. For seven years now I have been working as a freelance press officer for DOCUFY. And even in the seventh year we are still happy together. Perhaps the formula for success for our cooperation is that we both like dynamism and progress - and not boredom. When I started working…

4. July 2018

My Filter – filtered just for me


Hello TopicPilot Users (and Soon-to-be Users), Searching and finding is exactly what TopicPilot was developed to do. Now you no longer have to start at the beginning every time you want to search for something. Faceted searches have always been a quick way of limiting the number of hits in TopicPilot. The solution also supports the use of QR codes and external links to help you access specific information quickly. Still, filtering can sometimes take a lot…

8. August 2017