DOCUFY Layouter allows you to easily design output layouts yourself, save them, and customize them as desired. The new release now offers even more layout options.

Today, companies want to publish their technical documentation automatically and with a professional look. If corporate design specifications change, the layout should be adapted quickly and easily. The possibilities for accessing information – via machine displays, online media, or mobile via smartphone and tablet – also place new demands on output layouts.  DOCUFY Layouter enables the output of modern responsive online formats and page-based output formats from just one stylesheet.

 Since digital publications and thus online formats are becoming increasingly important for our customers, DOCUFY has strategically chosen CSS as the stylesheet technology for DOCUFY Layouter – ensuring that you can benefit from the advantages of CSS when digitizing your information for the future.

Dr. Holger Rath, Product Manager COSIMA and DOCUFY Layouter

With DOCUFY Layouter, individual design adaptations can be implemented in an uncomplicated and time-saving manner: In the web interface of the cloud solution, which can be used immediately, editors can design their output layouts themselves, save them, and adapt them as needed.

The new DOCUFY Layouter version now offers even more design options.

Protect Layouts – Avoid Accidental Changes

To prevent completed layouts from being accidentally changed or deleted, layouts can now be protected from editing and deletion with just one click.  Even referenced resources (e.g. colors or media) in the protected layout can only be changed after confirmation. This protection can be quickly removed if necessary. In addition, it is always possible to see in which layout or combined content a particular resource is used.

Protect layouts

Professional Print Output With CMYK Colour Space

For all those who have their documents professionally printed, the new release offers another advantage: in addition to RGB colour values, the tool now also supports CMYK colour values. This way, the colour space of the layout can be defined as CMYK and deviations in the delivery of the print data can be avoided. In addition, both an RGB and CMYK colour value can be stored for a colour resource. DOCUFY Layouter then uses the correct colour values in the PDF output – depending on the selected colour space. This increases the quality of the print data and saves valuable time.

Print shop information


New components and Parameters

With Release 2.5, DOCUFY Layouter now allows you to customise many parameters and components, e.g. the display of definition lists, the index, notes in security chapters, the chapter table of contents and the list of figures and tables. 

In addition, document metadata can now be set as properties (title, author, subject and keywords) of the generated PDF files, so that the generated PDFs can be administered better on the basis of their properties or delivered PDFs can be easily traced.

PDF information


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