Putting an end to data silos and media discontinuities in the editorial system: COSIMA Release 9.5 convinces users with the new web clients COSIMA Review Client and COSIMA Contribution Client, among others.

This article should actually start with a number; namely, the number of documents that are created with COSIMA every year, by our customers, our partners and by ourselves. But before we spend months researching, let’s just say: there are very, very many! And there are also a great many editors working with COSIMA who know a great deal about the products they document. But our world, our machines, our software is becoming more and more complex. That’s why experts from the technical departments are brought in who know a lot about it. They either have valuable input for the creation of technical documentation or the necessary expertise to review content and comment on it if necessary. Often this input reaches the editorial offices in files outside the editorial system, e.g. as PDF or Word, or even on paper. The contributions must then first be brought back into the editorial system and structured. To ensure that review and contribution tasks are integrated as seamlessly and audit-proof as possible into the editorial process in the future, there are two new web clients as of COSIMA 9.5: the COSIMA Contribution Client and the COSIMA Review Client.

Reviewing content with the COSIMA Review Client

With the help of the COSIMA Review Client, technical editors can digitally assign review tasks to specialist departments such as product management, design or development. The subject matter experts do not need any experience in COSIMA to leave comments in the documentation. They can manage their tasks directly in the COSIMA Review Client and mark them as accepted or completed. An email that COSIMA sends automatically informs the subject matter expert about a new pending task. The email contains a link directly to the Review Client board in the browser.

The assigned experts can check whether the task can be delivered on time and accept or reject it accordingly. Each comment is created in COSIMA so that it can be tracked who created it when and who implemented it when.

Further background information for technical editing can be easily stored as attachments via drag and drop, e.g. Excel files or PDFs. The attachments are also stored in COSIMA in a traceable manner. At the end, the subject matter expert simply clicks on “complete”, signaling to the editorial team that the task has been completed.

Contributing content with the COSIMA Contribution Client

With the help of the COSIMA Contribution Client, technical editors can involve other specialist departments in content creation in a digital and traceable way. To do this, the editors assign the task of entering a contribution to subject matter experts.

In the intuitive Web client, the experts take on the task and edit the articles quite simply in the browser, without having to install any special software beforehand. Another advantage is that the content added in this way is immediately available in XML format and does not have to be transferred from a PDF or Word document to COSIMA by the editorial team. They are automatically stored there in an audit-proof manner.

Advantages for the technical documentation department

The technical editing department always has an overview of the processing status of the review or contribution tasks and can check the timely processing of the tasks, reassign overdue tasks and continue editing completed contributions. Tasks with description, editor and target date can be created directly in COSIMA.
All comments, contributions and additional information are also available directly in the editorial system and can be processed directly without detours, saving valuable time and nerves and guaranteeing revision security.

Advantages for experts in other departments

The technical experts always maintain an overview of the tasks to be processed and can comment or write articles directly in the browser, without prior training or installation of a rich client. This allows them to support the technical editing team quickly and efficiently.

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