DOCUFY has been around for 20 years. We have been a customer for almost half that time. This brief article is intended to show how we have fared.

When mechanical engineers make documentation…

We first made contact with the company from Bamberg in late 2008 when we were looking for a replacement for our existing content management system. At that time, XML-based systems were still in the development phase.
DOCUFY’s first presentations won us over to the point that we included COSIMA on our shortlist. However, we were not able to accept the bid for a while as the mechanical engineering crisis got in our way.

We then bought COSIMA two years later, in 2010. We have expanded the standard version with a number of unique features in order to link it to SAP.
However, the scope of the standard functions was perfectly adequate for the average mechanical engineer.


After a certain “settling-in period,” we were able to design our content management process in such a way that we can now map out our variant concepts in COSIMA directly. The expansions to the standard functions let us compile variant packages automatically, which provides real added value.

The ladies and gentlemen from Bamberg have always proven themselves to be competent contacts, who have also been able to turn our crude ideas into sophisticated functions.


In spite of what are now considerable volumes of data, our system runs very stably. The support team fields open questions reliably and then processes them in a timely fashion – an extremely satisfying process.


The events in Bamberg are very important to us.

The annual user meeting does not just provide an opportunity for training and new information, but is a meeting of like-minded people who swap experiences in an informal atmosphere. We have already been able to make a number of valuable contacts.

That gut feeling

Some decisions just cannot be made on the basis of facts and figures – at least not entirely. This is especially true when there is hardly any difference between the options on offer… At some point, you have to make a decision.

We decided to take the road to Bamberg. Another reason for this was that the chemistry was right from the very beginning.

We have not had to doubt our decision since: DOCUFY has grown at the same rate that we have developed. Product enhancements and new products have been developed in line with the market and provide our content management process with additional support. For this reason, DOCUFY and COSIMA are the most important anchors in our day-to-day work.

Small is so passé

Yes, the company has grown. The short, direct pathways that might have still been possible at the start have now become a bit longer. Ultimately, we as customers expect professional implementation. And that is only possible when the pathway from request to delivery is well documented and tested. But despite the increase in size, we still feel like we are part of the DOCUFY family. We know and respect each other. That is worth a lot!