What are our plans for 2019? To make our software solutions even more comfortable for you. And we got started immediately: COSIMA 7.5 has been released in January – with a new output format, usability improvements and cost-saving innovations for translation.

HTML5 format for publication on any device

The new version of COSIMA allows the output of content in HTML5 format for web, onboard display and context sensitive help. The modern format with a responsive layout is generated directly from COSIMA and enables publication on any device. A standard layout for HTML 5 output is included in COSIMA. With DOCUFY Layouter you can adapt the layout to your needs.

Add position numbers to IGEL graphics quickly and easily

With the last release, we introduced the IGEL graphics tool in COSIMA, which allows to assign position numbers to images without a graphics program or complicated processes. An intelligent text-image reference also ensures that the image legend is automatically generated from position numbers. If desired, IGEL can only output the position numbers that appear in the respective legend or in references to them in the text. As of COSIMA 7.5, you can not only highlight rectangular or round image surfaces, but now also any surface shape with polygons.

IGEL also helps you comply with corporate design guidelines: You can predefine image sizes and define image sections, add white space for position numbers, and configure different line types such as dashed lines or dashed dot lines.

Language checking with Acrolinx and more convenient translation of validity hierarchies and metadata domains

The language analysis software Acrolinx is seamlessly integrated into the XML editor of COSIMA. This allows you to check your texts professionally for spelling, terminology, grammar and formulations.

The search in COSIMA has also been extended by a new feature: With the language-synchronous search, you can now easily check whether all language variants in the desired languages have reached a uniform workflow status. This ensures consistently published content. And TopicPilot (or any another content delivery portal) is sure to contain all language variants in the same version.

Also new: TopicPilot facets can now be translated even more cost-effectively and conveniently. The translation process has been enhanced with delta information. It can handle parallel changes to COSIMA classifications and their TopicPilot facets. A delta report shows how many texts are currently to be translated per target language and per facet.

Multilingual configuration data and publication structures as well as voice synchronous searches

Important for internationally operating editorial offices: The classifications, metadata, publication structures and configuration data displayed in the COSIMA Rich Client can be translated into several languages. Translation is uncomplicated and delta information saves translation costs.

Into the digital future with COSIMA

It is our goal to constantly simplify the work of technical documentation and to reasonably automate processes with our software solutions. At the same time we want to pave the way for companies into the age of digitization and industry 4.0. Technical documentation faces new challenges: Standardized products produced in large quantities are being replaced by individually configured products. As a result, the document-oriented editing process is becoming increasingly tedious. With our software solutions, you can define an information space that allows you to precisely address individual information units and their variants. Product-specific information can be created automatically and then published in various media with TopicPilot. With COSIMA you will continue to work efficiently and legally compliant, even with a large number of variants, and that you are equipped to meet the challenges of digitization and industry 4.0.