Do you want “clean”, error-free content in your editorial system? With the new Schematron feature, XML content can now be validated even more precisely in COSIMA 8.0, and the gradation “Info / Warning / Error” helps to correctly categorize your check results. Included rules check in COSIMA go! for layout errors and: you can even add your own rules. But that’s not everything – the new COSIMA 8.0 offers numerous new features and usability improvements.  

IGEL – Translatable texts, CD-compliant lines and numbers

Thanks to IGEL, you can add position lines and numbers to pictures and illustrations quickly, easily and without any additional graphics program. In addition, the administrator can specify all the display options for lines, areas and frames in advance in accordance with corporate design.

Thanks to the intelligent text/image reference, IGEL automatically generates the appropriate image legend from your assigned position numbers. Where editors have previously dispensed with text in images in order to avoid the difficult translation process that would have been required, IGEL now makes it easy to localize text in images. In this way, multilingual display texts, legend texts and part numbers in pictures can be easily converted.

DOCUFY Layouter: Extensions

Not only the content of a documentation is important – its visual appearance also indicates the quality & professionalism of the document. With DOCUFY Layouter 2.0 you can now customize layouts even more individually: There are new parameters for lists and warnings/safety instructions and different text contents can be flexibly combined and placed in the layout. Another new feature is printing company information, which the DOCUFY Layouter uses to provide the information required for professional printing, such as bleed, registration marks or color wedges. Companies with a high export share can look forward to the new right-to-left fonts such as Arabic and Hebrew: For right-to-left fonts, DOCUFY Layouter not only rotates the text direction, but automatically also all other parts of the designed layout that need to be adjusted.

Into the digital future with COSIMA

It is our goal to constantly simplify your work in technical documentation (the most important department in the company) with our software solutions and to automate processes in a meaningful way. At the same time, we would like to pave the way for companies into the age of digitalization and Industry 4.0. Because technical documentation is facing new challenges: Standardized products produced in large quantities are being replaced by individually configured products. This makes the document-oriented editing process increasingly laborious. With our software solutions, you define an information space that allows you to precisely address individual information units and their variants. Product-specific information can be created ad hoc and automatically and then published in various media with TopicPilot. In this way, you can be sure that with COSIMA you continue to work efficiently and in conformity with the law even with a high number of variants and that you are equipped for the challenges of digitization and Industry 4.0.