With the software release 4.0 DOCUFY extends the functional range of the mobile publication platform TopicPilot. New functions are now available in the web interface and mobile applications.  Numerous improvements and requirements have been implemented.

Full text search according to set facet filter

It’s even easier to find relevant information: The new TopicPilot Release 4.0 allows a full text search by applied facet filter. A new search term should not always trigger a completely new search. With the new TopicPilot version it is now possible to further limit the number of search hits in the Web Client. This way, you will find your relevant information even easier.

With TopicPilot faster to relevant information, e.g. for machine maintenance


Version switching

Always keep an overview of the versions: If a topic is available in an older or newer version, you can switch directly to an older or newer version of the currently open topic.

Improved PDF display

No long delays for large PDF files: In the TopicPilot web version PDF files open in an improved display. This allows a much faster display of the files, especially in case of large PDF files. In the new view you can comfortably browse, search, save or print the PDF.

New design of the mobile login

Uniform login in the TopicPilot apps: The login process has been revised and standardized in the mobile applications for iOS and Android.

With TopicPilot into the digital future

TopicPilot is the mobile publication platform for future-oriented companies. With TopicPilot you make company-wide content of any kind available at any place, at any time, and in any device – the key technology for opening up your information space. Individualized documentation, as required by the industry of the future, cannot be managed economically without the conversion to a topic-based documentation process. TopicPilot already offers today all the functions you need to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Further information about the product TopicPilot is available at www.docufy.de/topicpilot

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