What is COSIMA and what can it do?
COSIMA is the proven content management system for technical documentation from DOCUFY. Around the world, content managers and writers – from one-person operations to major corporations – work with COSIMA. COSIMA is available in the versions COSIMA go! and COSIMA enterprise.

For whom is the COSIMA go! industry solution appropriate, and whom does COSIMA enterprise offer crucial added value?
COSIMA go! is our ready-to-use, ready-to-go content management system. That means it can be used right away and provides a predefined configuration for applications in mechanical and plant engineering, or in other fields such as software documentation, to name a few examples 47rji3e. Thanks to its high degree of configurability and the scripting interface, our users can optimally adapt their COSIMA go! to meet their daily needs.

COSIMA enterprise, on the other hand, is our content management system for high-performance flexibility and is targeted toward users with special requirements who also want to integrate the content management system into an existing IT environment. Specific interfaces to other systems and the outstanding adaptability of the CMS set COSIMA enterprise apart.

What are the advantages of COSIMA for me and how does COSIMA change my everyday work?
COSIMA offers you real single-source publishing and lets you, the user, focus 100% on your content. No matter whether the document you’re working with is big or small, just a few mouse clicks is all you need (personally, I prefer to use a shortcut) – and your new and/or edited content is available in all your preferred formats, such as conventional PDFs and integrated online help, or the modern and flexible way on smartphones, tablets, and online via TopicPilot.

What role does COSIMA play in Multi-Level documentation?
COSIMA is the basis for Multi-Level documentation. COSIMA allows users to create content or take over and edit content from DOCUFY Machine Safety. But COSIMA also goes one step further and lets you prepare all sorts of information for Multi-Level documentation. All content – text, images, graphics, and videos in XML, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint – is classified in COSIMA, placing it in the Information Space. This creates the foundation for making all information available in such a manner that it can be used throughout the company, not only for technical documentation, but also in sales, marketing, customer service, and construction, to name just a few examples.

What was your funniest/most wonderful/most interesting moment with COSIMA?
For me, it’s always interesting to see that there are new functions and concepts in the COSIMA software that support me in exactly what I want to do right now. Before I started working for DOCUFY, software was always something “set in stone” for me. Often that helped me, but it also prevented me time and again from doing what I wanted to do. COSIMA, a largely flexible system, is a whole different ball game.
COSIMA was the first time I became aware that there are people behind the whole process – and that communication with colleagues every day helps make software even better suited to the needs of its users.