Imagine there is a change in corporate design at your company. Maybe the change is only a general attempt to optimize existing layouts. Maybe it entails a completely new corporate identity with a new logo and different colors. Or maybe your company has a new division that makes new products. Any change, no matter what kind, will have a direct impact on your technical documentation. The cover page needs to be redesigned, and the way headers and footers look will change – as will headlines, safety notices and warnings. It is practical when technical writers can make these layout changes themselves, without any programming skills or troublesome extra work.

A new layout in just a few clicks

Thanks to the DOCUFY Layouter, designing and adapting layouts is a breeze. It lets you create, adapt and manage publication layouts yourself. What’s more, you can also take the way your documents are displayed on mobile devices into account and adapt their design for use on machine displays, in online media or on mobile devices when creating the publishing layout.

Changes to corporate design are not a problem — everything can be adjusted in just a few clicks.

Melanie Kunas, DOCUFY GmbH

DOCUFY Layouter

Create your title page the way you like it: for example by positioning or changing the logo or by adjusting the type, color or size of the font.

DOCUFY Layouter

Adjust the layout of your document content by yourself at any time as needed. Change headings, design tables in line with your CI specifications or define the way security and warning information is presented within the legal framework.

DOCUFY Layouter

Round off your layout by designing headers and footers. Change their color, height or type of frame, or integrate a logo.

No installation effort, completely secure

The DOCUFY Layouter is a cloud solution that you can use immediately, without prior installation or having to spend time and money on internal IT. Because the software is automatically updated and existing layouts are migrated to the new version, no one has to worry about updates. The cloud-based web service can be accessed by browser through a secure connection. A sophisticated rights concept controls access to layouts and protects them from unauthorized use. The strict separation of layouts and data keeps content in its protected environment, meaning it does not need to be transferred to the cloud.

Layouts made easy

You do not have to be a programmer or graphic designer to work with the DOCUFY Layouter. The web interface can be used immediately and intuitively by any writer and is user friendly. A little time to get familiar with the solution is all you need to independently create your own layouts, design cover pages and set page formats and columns however you want. You can change fonts, spacing, table formats and colors. Within the legal framework, the way safety notices and warnings is displayed can also be adapted to your corporate design. The inheritance concept, which lets you create a wide range of layout versions in no time flat, also saves you time and effort. DOCUFY customers will be able to take advantage of the new solution soon.